Our Story

Since childhood, the CEO Shawn Albarghouthi had love for the most popular street foods of the Levant; falafel and shawarma. He observed Levantine masters crafting every shawarma and every falafel with passion. Every time he picked up a summer job guess what his choice was? You guessed right, the closest shawarma and falafel joint down the street. Even when he played cards with friends at night…it was in the backroom of the shawarma joint down the street…after business hours of course.

Moving to MN, USA in 1998 he went from eating these delicious delicacies multiple times a week to not eating it for several years. It was a problem. A BIG problem!! How does one live without shawarma and falafel? Many years passed and the craving was not satisfied. The problem initiated a dream.

In 2008, Shawn decided to stop dreaming and start doing. He thought: “I bet people would go crazy about this”. He traveled back to Jordan and Palestine with the intention to prepare for the opening of Tahini. Through old relationships he had access to kitchens in the Levant that are most known when it comes to shawarma and falafel. He had Detail-oriented training and long discussions of tradition with the owners and masters of such shops.

Back to Minnesota with the tradition, he worked hard in several successful food establishments and learned the American way of doing business while having Tahini on the back of his mind.

In 2015, the dream came true. He opened the first authentic shawarma and falafel restaurant down the street from his house in New Brighton, MN.

His craving is satisfied. Come and get yours satisfied.

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